A NYC first responder was the first consumer to go hands-on with the Xbox Series X

368 and Gamertag Radio host Danny Pena teamed up to surprise a fan with a hands-on session with the Series X.

The Xbox Series X is less than a month away. However, we’ve already seen several influencers and members of the media get their hands on early access builds of the console in order to preview Microsoft’s latest hardware. Now, a NYC first responder is the first consumer in the world to go hands-on with the Xbox Series X thanks to 368 and Gamertag Radio’s Danny Peña.

Danny Peña, a host of the long-running Gamertag Radio podcast was among those sent a preview build of the Xbox Series X console. A New York native, Peña wanted to hook up a fellow New Yorker with the opportunity to get their hands on the Xbox Series X prior to its worldwide release on November 10. He teamed up with 368, a gaming and content creation house in NYC to make it happen.

Michael Santiago is a medic in New York, who has been working throughout the pandemic to keep people safe. Peña brought Santiago to 368, where he was surprised with a session of Xbox Series X gameplay. The event was recorded and can be found over on the 368 YouTube channel. During his demo, Michael Santiago played games like Doom Eternal and Destiny 2. As an extra thanks for his work on the medical frontlines in 2020, Microsoft and Astro gave Michael a free year of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, as well as the new A20 Gen 2 gaming headset.

Getting to be the first consumer in the world to go hands-on with the Xbox Series X is a badge that Michael will wear proudly for quite some time. For other fans excited to get their hands on the new hardware, there isn’t much waiting left. The Xbox Series X launches in less than a month on November 10.