All Entropic Shard locations – Destiny 2

Where to find all Entropic Shards for the Studying Darkness Triumph in Destiny 2.

Finding all Entropic Shard locations in Destiny 2: Beyond Light is a requirement for the Studying Darkness Triumph. This task is also a core component of the Aspect of Control mission, which is tied directly to the new Stasis abilities. These Entropic Shards can be tough to find as they’re scattered around the huge Europa environment. Tough, unless you have a handy guide!

Entropic Shards locations

Before you can start hunting and destroying the Entropic Shards, you will need to first unlock Savathun’s Grip. This Exotic Grenade Launcher is the only thing that can destroy the shards. Of course, to unlock this weapon you will need to finish the Beyond Light campaign. So, a few things before you can start smashing.

While you can destroy these at any time, there is a quest that will ask you to go and deal with them. This quest is called Aspect of Control, and is given to you by the Exo Stranger. To get it, you will need to first complete the quest, Born in Darkness.

Cadmus Ridge destiny 2 entropic shards

The first Entropic Shard can be found in Cadmus Ridge, in the west of the area, near the red building leading to Bray Exoscience. The shard is actually in the snow outside in the corner.

Asterion Abyss destiny 2 aspect of control quest

This next Entropic Shard is in Asterion Abyss, on the large Vex structure. Climb the structure from the right-hand side of the area and jump over the top onto the arms. The shard is tucked into a corner.

Concealed Void Lost Sector entropic shards destiny 2

This Entropic Shard is above the boss room in the Concealed Void Lost Sector on Europa. Defeat all the enemies in the room to make this a bit easier. Look up to spot it floating in the yellow light of the roof, you can’t miss it.

Eventide Ruins

Another Entropic Shard is in the Eventide Ruins, near the route to Asterion Abyss. As you’re coming from Asterion Abyss, you will be facing a snowy ramp that leads up to the right. On the left of the ramp is a destroyed part of a building, the shard is tucked in here behind the steel girders and pipes.

Bunker E15

Another Entropic Shard is located in the Bunker E15 Lost Sector. Work through the Lost Sector until you come across the friendly robots locked in Vex cages and the large window overlooking the next area. Fight down into that area and clear out the enemies. Now, look up to the glass window and to the top-right corner, tucked into the corner is the shard.

Riis-Reborn Approach

The Riis-Reborn Approach Entropic Shard is quite deep into the area. You will need to go up the second gravity lift and check behind the stairs to find it. Starting at Eventide Ruins, go up the gravity lift (this is the first one), run past the enemies and continue through the halls. As you enter the room where you were originally chased by Phylaks during the Beyond Light campaign, take the door on the right (the one that was locked, the seal might still be there). In the next room, go up the gravity lift (this is the second one). At the top, go behind the stairs to find the shard.

Technocrat’s Iron

There is another Entropic Shard in the Technocrat’s Iron, specifically, the boss room. It is floating above the pillars just to the right of the entrance. As for how you get here, it’s a rather long hike through Riis-Reborn Approach.

As for how you reach Technocrat’s Iron, you must start at Eventide Ruins and run through Riis-Reborn Approach. The best idea is to go up two gravity lifts and then pass through the teleporter. After exiting the teleporter, jump up to the next platform and enter the hallway. You’ll find a fork with the hallway straight ahead leading to Kell’s Rising but the path to the left takes you to Technocrat’s Iron. Take the left path, there’s really only one route from here on out.

Kell’s Rising

Finally, there’s an Entropic Shard in Kell’s Rising. The shard is found on the very last platform you can reach in the city. When you get to the platform, there will be two Vandal snipers up on the right, defeat them and jump up to their platform to find a small set of stairs – the shard is under here.

As for how you can reach Kell’s Rising, you will need to start at Eventide Ruins and work your way up through Riis-Reborn approach. Pass through two gravity lifts and then a teleporter. After exiting the teleporter, jump up the platform and enter the next hallway to come across a fork in the road – the left takes you to Technocrat’s Iron and running straight ahead takes you to Kell’s Rising. From here, there’s only one way to get to the end platform, so keep going.

While you only need to find and destroy five Entropic Shards for the Aspect of Control quest, it’s worth getting them all for the Studying Darkness Triumph. This is one of several Beyond Light Triumphs needed for the Splintered Title. Check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more on the latest expansion.