All Penguin Souvenir locations on Europa – Destiny 2

Learn where to find the Penguin Souvenirs hidden around Europa in Destiny 2 for the Triumph, Reuniting the Eventide Rookery.

Penguin Souvenirs are another collectible players can find on Europa in Destiny 2. These little robotic-looking penguin statues are dotted all around, with some being defended by powerful enemies. Finding all the penguins is needed for one of the Beyond Light Triumphs (Reuniting the Eventide Rookery) so let’s get to tracking down all the Penguin Souvenir locations!

Penguin Souvenir locations – Europa

Penguin Souvenirs can be found all over the vast area of Europa. There are a total of nine to collect and it seems they are unlocked over time. Unlike the Dreaming City cats or the Jade Rabbits on the Moon, you do not need to feed the penguins anything. Simply walk up to the penguin and collect it (you may need to do some killing beforehand, though). Collecting them all is required for the Beyond Light Triumph, Reuniting the Eventide Rookery.

This guide is under construction. Be sure to check back with us as more Penguin Souvenirs are found over the next several weeks of the season.

For those avid collectors out there, make sure you also spend the time finding the Entropic Shards and destroying them with Salvation’s Grip. This is another one of the season’s Triumphs.

Penguin Souvenir 1 – Cadmus Ridge destiny 2 penguin souvenirs cadmus ridge

The first Penguin Souvenir can be found in a cave in Cadmus Ridge. Look at the southern side of the map of Cadmus Ridge to spot a Regional Chest marker. This chest is in the same cave as the penguin. Be aware, there is a Wyvern in the cave protecting the penguin. You must clear the cave before you can collect it.

Penguin Souvenir 2 – 9 – Pending discovery… What to do with Penguin Souvenirs destiny 2 what to do with penguin souvenir variks room Instead of going through the door to Variks (left) go through the shut door on the right to find a little storage room. This is where the Penguin Souvenirs go.

Now that you’ve collected a Penguin Souvenir, you’ll be looking what to do with it. Much like the Jade Rabbits on the Moon, you must place these penguins back in their homes. This spot is actually located in the room opposite Variks. Enter the room and look for the marker that shows you where to place the penguin. Playing the penguin will unlock a lore entry and help you work through the Reuniting the Eventide Rookery Triumph.

Finding all the Penguin Souvenirs locations in Destiny 2 is going to take a bit of work. Make sure you’re checking back each week over the course of the season as more penguins are discovered. There’s still plenty to do this season and you can find comprehensive coverage of it over in the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide.