The 911 call of r&b singer Ann Marie calling 911 after her boyfriend was shot has been released online.

The singer was recently arrested for shooting her sidepiece in the head because she thought he was cheating. When officers arrived on the scene, the singer told them that it was an accident. She says the gun slipped and fell on the floor.

“A projectile was also found by the bathroom door on the carpet and one in the bathroom tub,” the police reported states. “There was one bullet hole in the door jam, and also one in the cabinet top right corner in the bathroom.”

Since then, audio from her frantic 911 call has been released.

“I love you, I swear to God, I love you,” she can be heard saying. “Please, my best friend is shot please. Please help us please…. *screaming* Please ma’am, please! Please somebody help me! Help me please!… It was an accident.”

The dispatcher tries several times to calm Ann Marie down.


Ann Marie was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.