Arcade1Up launches Infinity Game Table Kickstarter and game list

Arcade1Up is going to KickStarter with its latest product, giving buyers the chance to purchase the Infinity Game Table and more as it reveals the game and activity list.

The Infinity Game Table looks interesting to say the least. Where Arcade1Up has previously worked almost exclusively on recreations of arcade games and attractions from upright and cocktail mini arcades to digital pinball machines, the Infinity Game Table explores the tabletop gaming space, giving single players and groups a virtual means to access a number of activities including board games, jig saw puzzles, and comic books. Now, Arcade1Up is taking the new product to Kickstarter where would-be buyers can both support its production and lock down purchase of the table. A game and activity list has also been released.

Arcade1Up launched the Infinity Game Table Kickstarter on October 15, 2020. It began with a goal of $50,000 (a goal it has already passed with ease). Investment options include the likes of a simple donation to be apart of supporting the Infinity Game Table, larger donations to lock in an order of either the 24-inch or 32-inch game table, or a Founder’s Edition donation in which buyers will have their names included in the in-game credits. There are also double orders of the smaller and larger tables available.

One of the most appealing factors of the Arcade1Up Infinity Game Table has been its options for digital tabletop gaming both in-person and online. It offers access to Hasbro games like Monopoly and Chutes and Ladders in a time where we might not be able to get together as much. To this end, Arcade1Up also published a list of all the activities the Infinity Game Table will include for free if you’re a Kickstarter backer. Otherwise they can be purchased from an online store accessible through the table.

    Ticket To Ride Pandemic Monopoly – online play included Battleship – online play included Chutes and Ladders – online play included Connect4 – online play included Operation Trouble – online play included Sorry – online play included Candyland–onlineplay Simon Hungry Hippos Trivial Pursuit – online play included Scrabble – online play included Yahtzee – online play included Game of Life – online play included Chess Classic – online play included Wizards Chess – online play included Checkers Classic – online play included Coloring Puzzle Solitaire Backgammon Blackjack Rummy Othello Tick Tac Toe Sudoku Texas Hold’em Billards Golf Dominoes Bowling Mancala

With the Arcade1Up Infinity Game Table Kickstarter running until November 30, there’s plenty of time to get in on an order and support the product. We don’t have an actual launch date just yet, so stay tuned for further news and details.