50 Cent may be running from the T.I. smoke, but Busta Rhymes isn’t, and says he wants to go head to head with the Atlanta rapper during a Verzuz battle.

“T.I., it is intriguing to me that you have such a concern with New York MCs,” Busta told Fat Joe.

“I wanna understand what that’s about. But, from one brother that loves you to my brother that knows I love him, I’m begging you to step in the ring with me. I ‘ma bust yo ass. And let me tell you something…we gon ‘do it with grace. But I ‘ma bust T.I.’s…I’ ma bust yo ass. Come on T.I., let’s have fun. Let’s have fun, T.I.”

He continued: “This is why I have to say it this way because T.I., he don’t play no games. He don’t sugar coat sh*t and he’s not no f*cking half stepper. With me knowing that T.I. accepts every and any challenge, I gotta make sure that I’m clear about accepting every and any challenge with him. And that’s it.”