Cardi B is fighting back after an alleged fake picture of the female rap star’s intimate area began circulating on social media this weekend, MTO News has learned.

And Cardi has decided to fight back against the fake image – by releasing a “real” video that shows off her “real” body.

In the video Cardi explains to her fans, “Y’all mother f**ckers going around, showing this picture – now you’re photoshopping it, and saying [it shows] Cardi’s p***y.”

She continues, “That ain’t my p*ssy.”

The platinum singer and married mother explains that the image was faked to make her look bad.

In the video Cardi then points to her private area and told fans, “This is my p***y here. This is where I birthed my daughter from.”

Cardi then told her haters, “Y’all wanna look at my p***y so bad, you should have went to see me when I was a mother f***king stripper … now too bad.”