Deep Stone Crypt raid guide – Destiny 2

A complete Deep Stone Crypt raid guide, the raid added to Destiny 2 with Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt.

Destiny 2 players looking for a Deep Stone Crypt raid guide should look no further. Included with Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt, the Deep Stone Crypt challenges players to fight into an area below Europa and prevent the Fallen from enacting their plan.

This Deep Stone Crypt raid guide is currently under contruction.

Pike & Sparrow Crypt Security Atraks-1 Descent Taniks, the Abomination Deep Stone Crypt raid guide destiny 2 deep stone crypt raid The Deep Stone Crypt raid has a recommended Power of 1220 for the first encounter. The last encounter reaches 1250 Power.

Taking place on Europa, the Deep Stone Crypt is Destiny 2’s eighth raid. Though it only has a handful of encounters, this raid has a few mechanics that will make first-attempts rather difficult. Before you head in, the recommended Power is 1220 with the final fight reaching 1250. The closer you are to max Power the easier it will be.

Recommended weapons – Deep Stone Crypt destiny 2 deep stone crypt recommended weapons Xenophage remains an excellent choice for dealing a lot of DPS, especially in the first encounter of the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

With Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt, the weapon meta has shifted considerably. Fan-favorite weapons have been sunset and new Legendary guns are making a name for themselves. This has resulted in many weapons being both viable and unviable for raid encounters.

For the Deep Stone Crypt, it’s worth finding a Heavy Machine Gun you’re comfortable using. Whether this is Heir Apparent, the new Thermal Erosion, or something like Xenophage is entirely personal preference.

The other types of weapons should be those that take advantage of the seasonal artifact’s Overload, Anti-Barrier, and Unstoppable mods.

Pike & Sparrow part – Desolation

The first encounter in the Deep Stone Crypt is a Pike section (though Sparrows can be used). For this section, the goal is to work from bubble to bubble to avoid the storm, working over icebergs to reach the end.

Each bubble offers a buff called Shelter from the Storm and while outside of a bubble the storm applies the Frostbite debuff. A player will die if the Frostbite debuff reaches 10 stacks. While inside these bubbles, Fallen will attack. A Fallen Brig will assault the final safe point.

Disable Crypt Security – Restricted

The first real encounter of Deep Stone Crypt is the Crypt Security. For this section, the goal is to use the Scanner and Operator buffs to lower the shielding of the central fuse tubes, allowing damage to be dealt. Use the Augment stations to start the fight.

Acquire Scanner and Operator buffs Scanner looks through floor and calls out panels, transfers buff Operator shoots all 4 panels Scanner buff passed to the Operator that is below New Scanner calls out which tube fuses to shoot

The arena is split into a light side and dark side as well as an upper and lower level. Each side has an Augment station, which is used to transfer the Operator and Scanner buffs.

Have two players on the light side and two on the right, with two other players below. The players on the light and dark side are responsible for looking through the floor and calling out which panel is the correct one for the players below to shoot.

Starting the encounter causes Operator Vandals to spawn, which drop the Operator buff when defeated. Grab this buff and transfer it using the Augment stations to the players that will be below. One player should also have the Scanner buff at this point.

The Scanner should look through the floor and call out which panel needs to be shot and then pass the Scanner to the opposite side using the Augment station. The next Scanner should do the same.

The Operator needs to quickly shoot each of the panels and then pass the Operator buff back up. The Scanners will need to pass the Scanner buff down below.

At this point, the Scanner below the arena will be able to see which of the six central tube fuses is the correct one to shoot. The other five players should destroy the fuse and then move to the next one that the Scanner calls. This damage phase lasts roughly 60 seconds. When the tubes’ shielding lowers, the damage phase is over and the steps should be repeated.

Throughout the fight, Overload Captains will be spawning as will Sentinel Servitors that disable the Augment stations. Dealing with the Servitors should be a top priority. During the damage phase, Exploder Shanks will spawn, so be mindful of them to avoid a team wipe.

When all six tube fuses are destroyed, the encounter is over. Claim your reward from the chest near the door.

Atraks-1, Fallen Exo – Clarity Control

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Taniks, the Abomination

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The Deep Stone Crypt raid is a demanding activity that requires a lot of teamwork and communication. By utilising this Deep Stone Crypt raid guide, you should have the tools necessary to complete each encounter, defeat Taniks, and discover what secrets lie below (and above) Europa. Make sure you check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for even more raid guides and other valuable resources.