Elite Dangerous: Odyssey gets new trailer at The Game Awards

Six months after it was first announced, The Game Awards viewers got to check out a first gameplay trailer for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.

Amazingly, Elite Dangerous is still kicking and still delivering high quality space adventures. And no, Frontier Developments is not done with the game yet. Earlier this year, Frontier announced that Elite Dangerous would get its next expansion in the form of Odyssey. During The Game Awards on Thursday, players got to check out gameplay for Odyssey for the first time to the sounds of David Bowie’s “Space Odyssey.”

First revealed back in June, Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is set to feature brand new worlds, all bolstered by new tech that will bring them to life like nothing seen in the game to this point. Players can form their crews across new social hubs scattered around the galaxy and take them across the cosmos to fulfill new contracts. While Frontier is touting first-person combat with fresh weapon and gear options, players will be able to approach the game how they see fit, utilizing an action-based approach or putting their diplomacy and commerce skills to the test.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is coming in early 2021.