Empire’s Fall quest – Destiny 2

The Empire’s Fall quest is the second questline offered to players by Variks at the end of the Destiny 2: Beyond Light campaign.

Empire’s Fall is another one of Variks’ quests for players in Destiny 2. Much like the one before it, this quest has players doing a few tasks for Variks that lead to another mission. Taking the time to complete this will allow players to access other important quests. Here’s a full breakdown of Empire’s Fall.

Empire’s Fall quest

The Empire’s Fall quest is unlocked after completing the Reclaiming Europa quest. Finishing these quests, as well as the Dark Priestess quest, will allow players to continue the Stasis Prototype quest for Salvation’s Grip.

Step 1: Talk to Variks

After completing the Beyond Light campaign and finishing Reclaiming Europa, talk with Varik’s again to get the Empire’s Fall quest.

Step 2: Purchase two Sabotage quests destiny 2 empires fall sabotage quests

Speak with Variks and use the new Sabotage section. Buy two of the Tier 1 Sabotages or just one and come back for another. Complete these – they’re a sort of advanced bounty. When they’re done, return to Variks to get the next mission.

Step 3: Complete The Aftermath mission destiny 2 empires fall the aftermath

Variks will give you the mission, The Aftermath. This can be launched at Riis-Reborn in the north of Europa. The mission is fairly short, it sees you fighting through the city, dispelling Vex Confluxes with Ghost, defeating enemies and depositing Arc charges in generators, and finally, defeating a Walker. When it’s done, return to Variks.

Step 4: Return to Variks

Speak with Variks once more to unlock the next quest, The Dark Priestess.

After finishing Empire’s Fall, you can continue on with the next quest. Completing these will put you one step closer to finally unlocking Salvation’s Grip, but there’s still a bit of work to be done. Check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more handy tips and content to get you ready to raid.