Eva Marcille continues to flood her social media account with photos from Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill‘s wedding. And considering that she looked flawless, who can blame her?

Check out the recent pics that she shared featuring herself and Mike Sterling!

‘@miketsterling 💍🌻 and Mrs. @miketsterling 💍🌻 #CHILL101020 Love Everywhere 💕 Flat joints; they call A cups😛’ Eva captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘Soon, and very soon ppl will start stealing this hairstyle lol 😍😍’ This comment came after lots of people said that they hated her hairdo.

A follower posted this: ‘Eva, did u see that video of him sipping his drink so smoothly. 😂’

A hater asked: ‘Where da booty though? 😂’ and more haters hopped in the comments.

Eva’s diehard fans said: ‘Ain’t nothing wrong with her booty, everyone has one, it just shaped different and comes in all sizes. I don’t understand why if someone has a little booty, people make comments on it. She has enough for him, and that’s all that matters. This is why women go out and feel they have to get butt injections due to insecurities and others’ mean comments. She beautiful just the way she is, and they are a Beautiful couple, love it!’

Someone else said: ‘These comments are the main reason that some women will die from surgery because they can’t love who they are. 🤦🏾‍♀️’

A commenter posted this: ‘@evamarcille if @miketsterling has ever looked more IN ❤️ LOVE with you since your wedding, a photo doesn’t exist of it. KING, I SEE YOU AND YOUR QUEEN!!!!!’

One other commenter said: ‘Almost didn’t recognize Eva with a baby bump 😂 Mother of 3 is lookin’ great!’

Just the other day, Eva Marcille posted a photo featuring Kenya Moore on her social media account.

It’s from Cynthia Bailey‘s wedding, and both ladies are wearing white.