How to change weapons – Genshin Impact

Increase your damage output by changing weapons and equipping new gear in Genshin Impact.

Changing weapons in Genshin Impact is a vital part of dealing more damage. As you progress through the game, new and powerful gear will become available to you. Inspecting this gear, deciding which is best, and equipping said weapon is going to be important. The whole process is pretty easy, so don’t stress.

How to change weapons genshin impact change weapons Each character has a Weapons section which is where you can switch to new weapons of the same type.

Genshin Impact lets players change the weapons of the various characters through the Character menu. This menu lets you inspect the characters in greater detail, including their attributes, constellations, talents and artifacts. But, to change or equip a new weapon, you must do the following:

Open the pause menu and select Character (or press the C key on PC) Select the character at the top of the screen whose weapon you want to change Click Weapons on the left-hand side Click Switch in the lower-right corner From available weapons, find the one you want to equip and select it Click Switch again in the lower-right corner to confirm the weapon change genshin impact switch weapons Find the weapon you want the character to use and then select the “Switch” option to change weapon.

You can also equip new weapons from the Inventory menu:

Open the pause menu and select Inventory (or press the B key on PC) Select the Weapons tab (sword and shield icon) Choose the new weapon you want to equip Select Details in the lower-right corner Select Fast Equip in the lower-right corner Choose the character who should have the new weapon genshin impact inventory weapon change You can also change weapons via the Inventory screen. This is where you can see every single weapon you currently own.

You can change your weapon just about any time you please. This is a great way to improve your squad outside of leveling up your characters. These menus also allow you to Enhance and Refine your weapons, improving their stats.

There is a limitation when it comes to swapping and equipping new weapons. Each character is locked to a certain archetype of weapon: a sword user cannot use a polearm and a character that uses bows won’t be using a claymore. If you don’t have a more powerful weapon for a character, you might have to go out and find one, hope that a Wish gets you one, or buy one!

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