How to turn off the PS5 DualSense controller mic

Here’s how to mute the PS5 controller mic.

The PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller is one of the coolest accessories in next-gen gaming. From its haptic feedback to the adaptive triggers, there’s a lot of tech packed into this gamepad. However, if you’re not amused by all of the DualSense’s gimmicks, you may be looking to deactivate some of the extra features. Many players have been wondering how to turn off the PS5 DualSense controller mic.

When playing the PS5 on default settings, the PS5 microphone is open, meaning your voice may be getting picked up when you aren’t aware, this is particularly an issue with online multiplayer games. The simplest way to mute the mic on the PS5 DualSense is to simply press the horizontal mute button that rests in the center of the controller just under the PS button. The button will illuminate orange when the mic is muted. This can also be achieved by hitting the PS button and pressing X on the mic icon within the control center.

However, if you’re looking for a way to silence your PS5 all around, muting the DualSense microphone and the sound output of the PS5 console itself, there are further options. You’ll just need to hold down the mute button on your DualSense controller until it begins to repeatedly blink orange. This is a neat trick if you need to immediately mute both yourself and your game to speak to somebody else or take care of other business without sifting through a menu or holding down the volume button on your TV.

Now that you know just how to mute the PS5 DualSense controller microphone, you can enjoy your games without worrying about other players accidentally hearing your rage-induced expletives. If you need more helpful and insightful guides tailored around the PlayStation 5, we’ve got you covered here on Shacknews.