Ivanka Trump got a lot of criticism on social media after sharing an, otherwise sweet, message dedicated to her younger sister, Tiffany Trump on her birthday. The reason why so many slammed her was that she incorrectly tagged Tiffany in the post!

As you can imagine, Ivanka grabbed everyone’s attention for all the wrong reasons when she decided to pay tribute to her baby sister on her special day.

The post was definitely well-intentioned but the final result got her mocked and criticized since it looks like she used the wrong handle to tag Tiffany.

Just so you know, the correct one is ‘@tiffanyatrump’ but Ivanka used ‘@tiffanytrump’ instead.

Only a letter missing but it was more than enough to get her trolled and dragged.

Aside from that, it was a really sweet post, featuring a throwback pic of Ivanka and Tiffany when they were still kids.

In the caption, she wrote: ‘Happy birthday @tiffanytrump! Hope this year marks your best turn yet around the sun! Love you so much!’

Soon after, one user noticed the wrong tag and proceeded to criticize Ivanka for that but also point out that she could have wished her baby sis a happy birthday in a different way altogether!

‘How about this. Instead of saying it on Twitter and tagging an unused account, you, I don’t know, call her and tell her? Or did you forget her phone number?’ the user tweeted.

Another seemed to share the same idea, writing: ‘I reckon your birthday wishes don’t mean as much when you can’t even tag the right account.’

‘Uh oh… you didn’t even get her Twitter handle correct What a great sister you are,’ a third also slammed Ivanka.

In spite of the criticism, Ivanka did not address the mistake and neither did she fix he tag.

Furthermore, she also shared a tribute post on her IG account as well, this one featuring more throwback pics of the sisters.

Tiffany replied with: ‘Thank you! I love you so much! 💕’ so it sounds like she did not mind the mistake.