Justina Machado discussed the importance of representation in Hollywood and in the media in general while on the latest episode of E!’s Daily Pop. The One Day at a Time actress focused more on Latinx representation since that is her ethnic background as well. Here’s what she had to say!

Referring to One Day at a Time, Justina Machado insisted that ‘It’s such an incredible, important show. When we made it, we didn’t make it about…it wasn’t a show about topics. It was really a show that happens to us, Latinos, on a daily basis.’

She also gushed over how much people have loved and related to the show, something she found to be ‘incredible,’ of course.

At the same time, it’s no secret that the show went through a lot.

After premiering in 2017 on Netflix, it went on to run for 3 seasons before getting canceled.

However, that same year (2019) it found a new home on CBS’ Pop network, also known for airing Schitt’s Creek!

Sure enough, One Day at a Time just made its debut on CBS earlier this week, which means that it is now the one and only Latinx centered show on network TV!

‘The fact that we’re the only Latinx show on a network right now is a little crazy. It’s 2020! Until we have representation on both sides, we will not get that authenticity,’ the actress went on to say, referring to having representation in front of the camera as well as behind.

Later on during the interview, she went on to talk about Hispanic Heritage Month, stressing just how important recognition and representation really is.

‘It’s important to be seen. But to me, every day is Hispanic Heritage. To me, every single day, I don’t know anything else but being this. I wouldn’t want to be anything else,’ she concluded.