K. Michelle took to Twitter claim that her grandmother had passed away and that she is receiving hate mail every day — in what appeared to be a plea for help.

“I got a girl in dm black mailing me4money telling me my husband is cheating on me, he’s mad @ me for talking 2her,my grandma just had a stroke,I got people trying 2stop my career,I have people making fun of my surgery&health,I have a random dude I never slept with lying on me” she tweeted.

Her fans were concerned about the state of her mental health. K. Michelle has always been extremely outspoken, and many times her words have caused some backlash.

Earlier this year, she alleged that Tamar Braxton had slept with Jermaine Dupri’s father, before going on to mock Tamar’s Nigerian ex-boyfriend’s accent.

It seems that the online criticism is too much for the singer. We hope she feels better soon.