Mass Effect insists it’s not dead at The Game Awards

The Mass Effect franchise doesn’t have a new game to announce just yet, but EA and BioWare are quite insistent that it’s not dead.

Some might have assumed that the Mass Effect franchise was dead following Andromeda. As BioWare moved on to other games, it didn’t look like Mass Effect would survive to see another all-new game. But to close out a full night of world premieres at The Game Awards, a new Mass Effect teaser rolled out and insisted that the series is not dead yet.

The teaser was about as vague as things get. It showed off some footage of a character climbing a snowy mountain and revealing N7 gear. That was only followed by the words “Mass Effect… Will Continue.” But what exactly did that mean?

Judging by the title of the YouTube video, that is, in fact, a tease for an all-new Mass Effect game. What’s it called? When will it take place? Will it have any tie to the original trilogy? None of these answers are available right now. But the big takeaway here appears to be that Mass Effect is still alive and there is apparently a new game on the way. Given that BioWare has had a rough month of December, the game might not be coming soon. But EA and BioWare insist there’s more Mass Effect coming. They swear.

Shacknews will endeavor to follow this story as it develops. Considering that we’re only just now hearing more about Dragon Age 4 two years after its first reveal, don’t expect to hear anything new anytime soon. But in the meantime, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is set for next year.