Rapper NBA YoungBoy dropped his “Dead Trolls” video/song a few months back and there’s some interested things in it that relate to King Von and his death. MTO News is hearing a growing murmur around hip hop fans, that NBA Youngboy’s song seems to have predicted King Von’s murder.

King Von was gunned down last week in Atlanta. Police say the man who shot him was an affiliate of NBA Youngboy, and the half-brother to rapper Quando Rondo.

In the track Dead Trolls, NBA YoungBoy mentions “staining” (killing) something in Atlanta. King Von – a Chicago native – was shot and killed in Atlanta.

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NBA compares the person he was staining to NBA player “D.Rose” – who is from Chicago, and played for the Bulls.

NBA also screams “dead rapper” and mentions two people not making it following a shooting. During King Von’s shooting, one other man was killed.

And there’s more. Quando Rondo is in the video damn almost as much as YoungBoy. King Von was shot and killed after a verbal altercation with Quando Rondo,

Finally, the name of the song is “Dead Trolls.” In the past, NBA referred to King Von as a “troll” for the way he antagonized him and Rondo online.