New Hitman 3 gameplay trailer showcases new abilities and locations

IO Interactive shares a new look at how players will interact with the world of Hitman 3.

The rebooted Hitman series is set to receive its third installment when Hitman 3 launches this January. Developed and Published by IO Interactive, this title will once again put players in the shoes of Agent 47 as he goes above and beyond to snuff out some high profile targets. Ahead of the game’s release, IO Interactive has released a new gameplay trailer that details the locations in Hitman 3, as well as the new ways players can approach missions.

The new Hitman 3 gameplay trailer was posted to the Hitman YouTube channel on December 8, 2020. In the video, we see that the new game will maintain the series’ emphasis on player freedom, as there are more ways than ever to complete a given mission. Whether it be disguises, stolen key cards, or brute force, there’s a variety of ways to get into secured locations. This includes the brand new hacking mechanic done via the camera.

This trailer also teases some of the locations that will become Agent 47’s playground in Hitman 3. We see a gorgeous skyscraper in a middle-eastern city, as well a mansion with a sprawling garden and hedge maze outside. Back to his usual antics, we see Agent 47 exploring absolutely every possible avenue to get his hands on a desired target. He poisons food, drops a chandelier, and bombs a car.

We also learn a bit about progression in Hitman 3. With “Mastery Tracks,” players will be able to make their way through 20 mastery tiers and gain access to new weapons, starting locations, and gear. Players can also activate complications to up the challenge for different missions.

Hitman 3 launches on January 20, 2021 for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC. For future updates on Hitman 3, stay right here on Shacknews.