Nicki Minaj welcomed her son with her husband, Kenneth Petty two months ago, and she already has the boy riding around in luxury.


MTO News learned that Nicki purchased two brand new Fendi strollers for the little king. The new strollers each come equipped with a fur handle, and custom Fendi rims.

The cost of each stroller, is $4,000 each.

Why does she have two strollers? MTO spoke with one of Nicki’s friends who told us, “Nicki likes to have two of everything so that [her son can] always be fresh. If he spits up in one stroller, he can ride around in the other one, until the first one gets cleaned.”

Here’s a video showing Nicki showing off her matching Fendi strollers.

And here are some close up pics of the stroller, along with the prices.