Rap star King Von was laid to rest yesterday in a small private funeral service in Chicago, MTO News has learned.

Only his closest family and friends were allowed to come to the funeral – and details of his burial were kept secret – to make sure that the funeral was safe.

The service was truly moving, according to one person who attended. That person told MTO News that everyone was emotional, including Von’s children who cried as they watched their father’s casket being lowered into the ground.


Von’s babys mother Kema posted a pic from the funeral, showing the kids standing over their deceased dad.



Kema also wrote:

I’m Soo lost, our Son, what do i tell him?

You prepped me for this you coached me on what to do if this happened, but I’m not strong enough…. DayVon where you at? I don’t have no mom, no dad, no grandma, no grandpa, no uncles. Y

ou said you ain’t going nowhere. We Just lost Granny.. Your mom So strong💔 I got her.

We just talked you told me everything was going to get better. We was Broke together & planned everything & things ain’t go as planned but I thought we had more time💔

You made it, you beat the Odds. Your secrets are safe with me 💕Your Forever My King. I’m Broken.