Pokemon GO transfers to Pokemon Home are live

Users can now send Pokemon from Pokemon GO up to Pokemon Home.

With Pokemon spanning eight generations across a number of devices, there’s a novelty in having creatures that have been with you for years of journeys. Game Freak created Pokemon Home to ease the process of transferring Pokemon across games. Now, players can transfer their creatures from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Home thanks to the latest update. This means that Pokemon caught in the mobile app can now come to Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The official Pokemon website has details how players can take advantage of the new transfer feature. Players will need to have the Pokemon Home app downloaded on both their mobile device that they use to play Pokemon GO, as well as on the Nintendo Switch. Both need to be connected to the same Nintendo account to work. There is no Nintendo Switch Online subscription required to transfer Pokemon.

As a bonus, players that transfer Pokemon from GO to Home will receive a free Melmetal. The Melmetal will be received in Pokemon Home as a Mystery Gift and is a special version of the mythical Pokemon. This Melmetal will be able to Gigantimax in Pokemon Sword and Shield and is not obtainable through other means.

Pokemon GO has been out for over four years. In that time, several generations of Pokemon have been added to the AR game, as well as a countless number of special events. Veteran players likely have loads of Pokemon just waiting to get into Sword and Shield. Now, Pokemon GO creatures can be transferred to Pokemon Home, allowing them to be sent to the mainline console games. For more on Pokemon GO, stick with us here on Shacknews.