Whether or not Game Freak knowingly and willfully opted to cut a large portion of the number of Pokemon from the newest title, Pokemon Sword/Shield, has been a debate that has raged on for well over a year at this point.

Some stated it simply wasn’t possible to keep up with how quickly they were churning out new creatures, resulting in bulging libraries that ultimately couldn’t all fit into a standard game size, while others stated that the creatures are ultimately indifferent as they all adhere to a similar ‘rock beats scissors’ elemental play, with the Pokemon themselves acting as simple graphical representatives of the element that they offer to battles.

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There are currently 896 Pokemon that have been listed on Wikipedia; a sizeable amount regardless of your stance on the debate.

It continued to rage on even after Pokemon Sword/Shield released, when it came to light that multiple Pokemon that were removed actually had files within the game for them, they were simply disabled for whatever reasons Game Freak, the consistent developer fo the franchise, ultimately had.

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With update 1.3, the debate could matter a bit less: 100 Pokemon are being brought into the title in the Crown Tundra DLC, and you can download this hefty update now.

The entire list of Pokemon that are returning in the DLC is admittedly a bit exhaustive, but this is what we have thus far in alphabetical order:

    Absol Aerodactyl Aggron Altaria Amaura Anorith Archen Archeops Armaldo Aron Articuno Audino Aurorus Azelf Bagon Beldum Blacephalon Blaziken Buzzswole Carbink Carracosta Celesteela Combusken Cradily Cresselia Crobat Cryonagal Dialga Diancie Dragonair Dragonite Dratini Electabuzz Electivire Electrike Entei Gabite Garchomp Genesect Gible Giratina Golbat Groudon Grovyle Guzzlord Heatran Ho-Oh Jinx Kabuto Kabutops Kartana Kyogre Lairon Landorus Latias Latios Lileep Lugia Magby Magmar Magmortar Marshtomp Mespirit Metagross Metang Moltres Mudkip Naganadel Nidoking Nidoqueen Nidoran Female Nidoran Male Nidorina Nidorino Nihilego Omanyte Omastar Palkia Pheromosa Poipole Raikou Rayquaza Regice Regigigas Regirock Registeel Relicanth Salamence Sceptile Sealeo Shelgon Smoochum Spheal Spiritomb Stakataka Suicune Swablu Swampert Tapu Bulu Tapu Fini Tapu Koko Tapu Lele Thundurus Tirtouga Torchic Tornadus Treecko Tyrantrum Tyrunt Uxie Victini Volcanion Walrein Xerneas Xurkitree Yveltal Zapdos Zubat Zygarde

Heopfully, any long-lost companions from earlier titles that you may have can find their homes once again in your pocket, for you to send into battle consistently until you’re either tired of their abilities, or they’ve proven to be too weak. As is tradition.

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Did you favorite Pokemon makes its return in The Crown Tundra? Anyone you’re still waiting on?