The two haven’t been dating for a long time but it’s safe to say that things are already getting ‘hot and spicy’ between Rebel Wilson and Jacob Busch! Apparently, the man is perfect for the actress and he feels the same about her since one source claims to know that she’s exactly his type and he ‘adores her.’

Despite what some people may think, it was not the weight loss and the newfound confidence that attracted the hunk to the beautiful blonde actress.

In reality, Jacob Busch was apparently a big fan of Rebel Wilson long before that.

The source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Jacob completely adores his girlfriend Rebel. They met through mutual friends out and about. It’s easy for them to date because they hang out with the same group of people. She was always out at Craig’s and he was too. They have been in the same social circle for a while now. He’s a nice guy with a great sense of humor and Rebel really seems to like that about him.’

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As you know, Rebel Wilson started 2020 more determined than ever to make it her ‘year of health.’

Sure enough, she did amazingly and has already dropped at least 40 pounds by exercising and focusing all her energy and attention on fixing her ‘emotional eating habits.’

But even before getting thinner and healthier, Jacob found Rebel beautiful.

‘He was very attracted to her even before she had lost weight. He’s always dated curvy girls. He really likes that physical attraction in a woman. Rebel is very much his type of girl all the way around. These two really, really like each other,’ the insider explained, adding that the couple likes to exercise together a lot.

The two made their social media and red carpet debut just last month and ever since then, they have been posting a lot of hot pics and clips together.