Riot gave fans a first look at all the Mythic items debuting in League of Legends during the 2021 preseason.

Recent lengthy blog post provided a deep dive into the new items hitting the Rift, showing off 22 Mythic items and some new Legendary weapons. While nothing is set in stone, players will be able to test the item overhaul soon on the PBE.

Each class will have its own set of Mythic items. Marksman, for example, will have Galeforce, Kraken Slayer, and Immortal Shieldbow that provide different benefits depending on the situation. The first item is optimal for mobility and dodging skillshots, the second to wipe out tanks, and the third to survive burst from assassins and mages.

In addition to marksman, tanks, AD assassins, AP mana users, AP non-mana users, AD fighters, and enchanters will all have their own set of Mythics.

Players may recognize items like Trinity Force, a core for AD fighters that grants move speed and a Spellblade (or Sheen) proc, as well as 15 percent attack speed to all other Legendary items. But new items will also make their way into the mix. The Prowler’s Claw for AD assassins is optimal for deleting your target, dashing through enemies, reducing their armor, and dealing bonus damage. The item also grants all other Legendary items six Lethality.

League lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter dove deep into each item in several Twitter threads. Fans interested in further explanations can sift through Scruffy’s notes.

The items will debut on the PBE for a six-week testing period. Things like icons, item and effect names, visual and sound effects, and stat values will be assessed throughout this testing period. Two marksman mythics that have been seen as broken are below. It would allow each ADC to have a dash and a Vayne passive, which would it hard to counter for opponents.



3400 gold

+55 Attack Damage

+20% Attack Speed

+20% Critical Strike Chance

Active – Zephyr Strike: Dash in target direction, firing three missiles at the lowest-health enemy near your destination (prioritizing champions). Deals a total of 105-300 (lv 1-18) (+30% bonus Attack Damage) magic damage, increased against low-Health targets by up to 50% against targets at 30% Health. (90 second cooldown)

Mythic Passive: Grants all other legendary items +3% Move Speed.

Kraken Slayer


3400 gold

+60 Attack Damage

+25% Attack Speed

+20% Critical Strike Chance

Harpoon: Every third Attack is enhanced, dealing an additional 80-120 (lv 1-18) (+30% bonus Attack Damage) true damage.

Mythic Passive: Grants all other Legendary items +10% Attack Speed.