Shacknews Presents: Pop! Goes the Culture! – Episode 4

It’s episode 4 of Shacknews’ show about movies, tv, and more!

It’s Thursday again! That means two things: one, it’s almost the weekend, which is cause enough for celebration. More importantly, it means it’s time for Pop! Goes the Culture! That’s our weekly show here on Shacknews where we talk about the latest and greatest in movies, television, comics, and more. This week’s show is kicking off in half an hour, so come hang out with hosts Donovan Erskine and Greg Burke!

Episode 4 of Pop! Goes the Culture! will go live on the Shacknews Twitch Channel today at 1 p.m. PT / 4 p.m. ET. If you’d rather stay on our website, you can also watch the stream right here using the embed below.

Here’s a rundown of the topics featured on today’s Pop! Goes the Culture!:

Netflix is adding to its expansive list of video game adaptations with Assassin’s Creed. Here’s hoping it’s not any worse than that movie that came out back in 2016. We’ll also talk about the Uncharted movie wrapping its filming, as well as the fact that Michael Bay is making a pandemic thriller.

A sincere thank you to anybody that decides to stop by and hang out with us today. Four episodes in, and Pop! Goes the Culture! has been a fun show that really diversifies the content we offer here at Shacknews. If you want to support the streams even more, consider giving us your monthly Prime Gaming subscription. There’s a lot to discuss and debate, so grab a snack, kick back, and enjoy the latest episode of Shacknews Presents: Pop! Goes the Culture!