Sonic The Hedgehog animated series coming to Netflix

Sega and Netflix are teaming up for a new Sonic show.

Netflix has continued to sign deals and scoop up the rights to a seemingly countless number of video game properties. Whether it be Assassin’s Creed or Resident Evil, there are a slew of video game adaptations in the works over at the streaming giant. Well, it’s time to add one of gaming’s most iconic characters to that line-up. Netflix has announced that it’s partnering with SEGA in order to bring Sonic The Hedgehog back to TV with a 3D animated series.

This announcement came by way of Netflix themselves, as the @NXOnNetflix Twitter account tweeted the official details, only to delete the post shortly after. The now-deleted tweet read, “Rings? Check. Speed? Check. SONIC. SEGA’s legendary video game icon Sonic the Hedgehog races onto Netflix in a new 3D animated series from @SEGA, @WildBrainHQ, and @ManOfActionEnt premiering in 2022.” The post also featured an image of a red Sonic silhouette running towards the Netflix logo.

It’s unclear why the post was removed, perhaps it went live earlier than planned. However, it’s a pretty clear confirmation that Netflix and Sega are working together on a new Sonic The Hedgehog series. It won’t be Sonic’s first foray into the television world, as the character had a fairly popular animated series back in the 90s. It’ll also be interesting to see who the creators bring in to voice the iconic character. With Ben Schwartz playing Sonic in his new live-action movie franchise, perhaps they’ll want to attach a familiar voice to the animated series. Not much else is known about the project outside of the names attached to it.

The animated Sonic The Hedgehog series is slated to hit Netflix sometime in 2022. It joins the likes of Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed as major gaming properties announced to be getting the Netflix treatment. To get a look at everything the streaming giant has revealed thus far, visit the Netflix topic page on Shacknews.