Sony gifts PS5 to fan who was first in line for the PS4 and PS4 Pro

A loyal PlayStation fan was the first customer to get their hands on a PS5.

Waiting in lines and camping out has long been a tradition for many gamers and tech enthusiasts. However, in the midst of a pandemic, these mass gatherings of fans are simply unfeasible. This means that PlayStation superfan Joey Chiu wasn’t able to to be first in line for the PS5 like he was with previous PlayStation consoles. As a sign of recognition and appreciation, Sony has issued him a PlayStation 5 console early, making Chiu the first consumer to get their hands on the next-gen device.

Joey Chiu was the first fan in line to purchase a PS4 back in 2013, and was first once again in 2016 to purchase the PS4 Pro. With Sony foregoing day one physical releases for the PlayStation 5, Chiu’s streak would unfortunately have to end. The PS5 was sent to Chiu on November 10, which Chiu shared via his Twitter account.

Sony attached a message to the PlayStation 5 that reads “Joey Chiu. First in line for PS4. First in line for PS4 Pro. Patience is a virtue. This is for you.” It’s an awesome nod from Sony to a dedicated fan of their systems. Anybody who’s ever waiting in line for a new product knows how much goes into the process. Some may recognize Chiu from when he was brought on stage to receive the very first PS4 in New York seven years ago.

Though Joey Chiu got to his PS5 early, the rest of the world won’t have to wait much longer, as Sony’s next-gen console is set to launch on November 12, 2020. For more interesting stories on the PlayStation 5, stick with us right here on Shacknews.