Square Enix shares new story and character screenshots for Final Fantasy 16

A new update from Square Enix update introduces us to the world of FF16.

First revealed at the latest PlayStation 5 showcase, Final Fantasy 16 is the next entry in the beloved JRPG series. Though the game is aesthetically and stylistically very similar to its predecessor, Final Fantasy 16 follows a brand new story in the ever-growing universe. Square Enix has shared new details about the characters and narrative in FF16, as well as some brand new screenshots.

Square Enix shared the new details about Final Fantasy 16 to the official PlayStation website. “Final Fantasy XVI’s adventure takes place in a land called Valisthea, which is studded with colossal mountains of glittering crystal called Mothercrystals. These Mothercrystals have towered over the realms around them for generations, blessing them with aether. This blessing of the Mothercrystals has allowed these realms to thrive, and their people to live in comfort.”

The post also introduces us to our key characters in FF16. Clive Rosfield is the firstborn son of the Archduke of Rosaria and will be the game’s protagonist. His younger brother Joshua Rosfield and friend Jill Warrick will be supporting characters. In addition to getting names and backstories for these new characters, we also got some high-quality screenshots, which can be seen above.

“In the ‘Awakening’ trailer, Eikons such as the Phoenix, Titan, Shiva, and Ifrit make an appearance. As for questions about how many other Eikons there are in Valisthea, who they are, and what will happen when they come to blows, well…you’ll just have to wait for a future reveal to find out!” Square Enix is still playing the bigger story details close to the chest, as those will come at a later date.

Final Fantasy 16 is set to release sometime in 2021. For more news and updates, stick with us here on Shacknews.