SteelSeries is often one of the best brands for PC gaming gear. Manufacturing a number of peripherals and equipment, the company has more than solidified its name in the gaming space. SteelSeries also develops products for consoles, looking to deliver quality that rivals that of what’s available for PC. Most recently, SteelSeries has launched the Arctis 7X Wireless headset, designed for the Xbox Series X. With the next-gen console finally out, it’s time to see how the headset stacks up.

Supreme comfort

The Arctis 7X Wireless doesn’t look too different from past Arctis headsets. The ear cups are large, round and smooth, with a generous amount of padding. SteelSeries puts out some really comfortable gear, so no need to reinvent the wheel here. There’s a velcro head strap that users can adjust to make sure that the Arctis 7X Wireless properly fits on their head.

While the most of the headset is a combination of black and dark grey, the head strap hasinsersecting green lines, a nod to the platform it’s designed for. It’s the only visual differentiator from the other version of the Arctis 7X Wireless that’s designed for the PS5. Despite being a bit bulky, the Arctis 7X is mighty comfortable throughout long sessions of use.

The battery is advertised to last for up to 24 hours on a full charge. While I didn’t pull off any 24 hour gaming sessions during my time using the headset, I did use it throughout my full work day, as well as my gaming time afterwards. The wireless range is really solid too, as I didn’t experience any interference or drops unless I completely left my apartment. Wireless headsets aren’t new to consoles, but this one delivers some of the best range coupled with a strong connection.

Adapting to next-gen

Despite being primarily designed for the Xbox Series X, the Arctis 7X Wireless is compatible with PC, Nintendo Switch, and the PlayStation family of consoles. The device connects using a USB-C dongle meant to plug into a dongle receiver. This long cord plugs into the console and is a few feet long. The receiver isn’t able to fit into the controller itself, as it’s blocked by the bumpers. It’s a shame, because this would’ve been a much neater setup.

Plugging the USB-C receiver into a dongle that’s plugged into the Xbox Series X just feels a bit messy. Especially when the dongle that connects the system to the receiver is unnecessarily long, forcing me to coil it up or just letting it run off of my desk. This issue is present when using the device on a PC as well. While it’s smart to use USB-C for next-gen, SteelSeries really would have benefited from a better design for their wireless transmitter.

Sounding off

The audio quality in the Arctis 7X Wireless is simply superb. Every sound feels incredibly detailed, whether it be character footsteps or car horns in the distance. When listening to music, it felt like I was in the studio listening to the songs being performed live. With the Xbox Series X delivering some of the best visuals we’ve ever seen on the console, the Arctis 7X Wireless is an excellent companion.

The microphone on SteelSeries Arctis 7X Wireless isn’t removable, but it can retract up into the ear cup. It’s also designed in a way that allows the user to bend and shape the arm to their liking. Nobody likes hearing you breathing into the mic, so this is a convenient feature. A little light on the end of the mic will light up red when muted, another neat detail.

As for voice quality, the Arctis 7X Wireless delivers about what you’d expect from a built-in mic. It’s not nearly as impressive as the incoming audio, but it definitely gets the job done. If you’re looking for the top of the line microphone for your next-gen console, however, you may need to look a bit further.

Charged up

SteelSeries’ Arctis 7X Wireless headset is one of the best from the company so far. While the cord and dongle setup feels unnecessarily complicated, everything is of exceptional quality once it’s up and running. As long as you’re fine with par microphone quality, the Arctis 7X Wireless is a great option for next-gen gaming.