As you probably know by now, Tamar Braxton‘s life has drastically changed recently. She’s been through some pretty tough times, and she even tried to commit suicide.

Her romance with David Adefeso came to an end and it seems that her only rock was her son, Logan.

About two months after she reportedly tried to kill herself, Tamar Braxton took to her Instagram to update her fans on how things have been going lately in her life. The reality star thanked God for saving her.

Now, she is also offering her gratitude to her beloved boy. Check out the message that she shared on her social media account.

‘My Ace! My hero! My shield! My best friend! My rock! The person who cracks me up every day and reminds me that life is worth living even when it’s so hard 💔.. you make me see things so differently, and I’m grateful for you. God picked you personally for me cause he knew I needed a true Clyde… or in this case My Logan ❤️ I love you son🥰#nationalsonsday,’ she captioned her post.

A follower said: ‘She needs to look at herself and stop blaming everyone for everything. Her sisters, her mom, Vince dumb self, the boyfriend, Iyanla, the hosts of the real, her dealings with the music industry when she was young. Like everything is always about her being the victim. She definitely needs real counseling and therapy. Hell we all do. But she’s literally blamed everyone since she’s been in the limelight. I like her music. She’s one of the best singers out there. But she has issues with accountability. We have a video for that boo. Stay delusional though.’

A fan posted: ‘We love you Tamar!! GOD is REAL. Logan is Handsome 😍.’

Someone else exclaimed: ‘Logan!!! ❤️ & you are so LOVED & appreciated and cherished sis!!! Remember that 😘’

True fans sent Tamar and her son love, and they showered the two with kind words.