Tamar Braxton revealed to her fans that her son, Logan threatened her. Check out what she told her followers on Twitter.

Tamar continued and explained the following:

Someone commented: ‘This is hysterical! You have to get him one just for the sheer cuteness and abruptness in these childhood streets. I love it!! Logan your gift is on the way.’

A commenter said: ‘Girrlll…Christmas needs to be cancelled!! It’s funny and “cute” when they act like when they young….not so much when they older, bigger and stronger than you. Lessons need to be learned!’

Someone else said: ‘Chile… Who is Logan to be threatening anyone? He gonna mess around and get an old Wii.

One commenter said: ‘Back in my day telling him to stay in a child’s place would be sufficient,’ and someone else posted this: ‘For starters. Who the hell does Logan think he’s talking to? 🤨’

A fan wrote: ‘Based on what I’ve seen on tv and social media, she lets him talk to her any kind of way. I don’t get it.’

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