TerraMaster launches U4-111 storage server

TerraMaster’s latest NAS device is its most ambitious yet.

TerraMaster is known for manufacturing high-end NAS devices, which can be used for additional media storage. Particularly useful for those that work in video, these devices are a secure way to store large amounts of media without taking up all the space on a hard drive or SSD. The company has revealed their latest product, the U4-111.

TerraMaster shared details about the U4-111 with Shacknews via a press release. “It is powered by an Intel Celeron 1.5GHz (2.3GHz burst clock) quad-core processor and comes equipped with 4GB memory (upgradeable to 8GB). The TerraMaster U4-111 offers a balance of features to deliver a cost-effective storage solution with stable and reliable performance.”

The TerraMaster U4-111 is available now for $799 and can be found on the manufacturers website.