Earlier this year, Kamala Harris was in the headlines but for all the wrong reasons. Hip-hop fans couldn’t help but poke fun at Kamala Harris when she said that Tupac Shakur was the “greatest rapper alive” during an interview before going on to laugh at the mistake.

This was a big error for Harris because many social media users have accused her of being inauthentic, including pretending to understand the black experience despite growing up in a wealthy, educated, affluent family.

Either way, Trump’s campaign team loves to turn such blunders into jokes, and during the vice-presidential debate, it was reported that his team booked a seat there for Tupac Shakur, who, as fans know, has been dead for over 2 decades. He was shot and killed in a drive-by in Las Vegas at the height of his career.

Mopreme Shakur, the rapper’s brother, spoke with reporters from TMZ recently in which he said that he found the joke to be offensive to the legacy of his fallen brother.

Mopreme said to the outlet that the world was already more than aware of Trump‘s “lack of respect for the Black and brown community.” He went on to say that he wasn’t shocked by the president’s move.

Shakur, rather than hoping for the president to apologize for what he did, however, is more concerned about his stepfather who was put away for life after a bank robbery that left three people dead in 1988. Mopreme claims his step-father has turned over a new leaf while behind bars and he thinks he should be let out.

Moreover, Mopreme suggested that his step-father has turned into a good man and has been a positive influence on some of the other imprisoned men. Regarding Kamala Harris and her mistake, Mopreme suggested it showed she had a great taste in hip-hop, moreover, he doesn’t think it was a big deal because she’s from Oakland anyway.

Tupac Shakur’s brother thinks everyone should get out to the polls and start voting for this year’s election. Joe Biden and Donald Trump are facing off against each other for the 2020 presidential election.