On Tuesday, DJ Vlad trended online after Twitter pointed the finger at the journalist for the arrest of Casanova.

A report surfaced, claiming that the feds had used several resources, including Casanova’s interviews with Vlad, to compile evidence against Cas.

“In public interviews, he has admitted to stabbing inmates while incarcerated on those charges. And the Government has recovered photos from his iCloud account of several firearms, demonstrating his continued access to weapons. In addition to publicly promoting the gang and glorifying its activies, Senior is also a drug supplier for Gorilla Stone,” writes Inner City Press.

During his interviews with Vlad, Casanova speaks openly about some of his past alleged crimes. During Tekashi 6ix9ine’s trial, 6ix9ine also mentions Casanova’s alleged gang ties, as well as several other rappers.

During his sitdowns with Vlad, the rapper admits to stabbing inmates, to joining the Bloods gang, robbing people without a face covering and other crimes.

Twitter is warning rappers to stop speaking to Vlad.