What does Overheat mean in Cyberpunk 2077?

Tired of seeing Overheat appear on your screen and not knowing what it means in Cyberpunk 2077? Let’s break it down.

Overheat is a common problem that players will get used to seeing during combat in Cyberpunk 2077. Like many of the Quickhacks are your disposal, knowing what Overheat means and how to stop it is going to be vital to making sure you survive the various combat encounters you come across.

What does Overheat mean in Cyberpunk 2077?

Overheat is a technical term for a type of cyberware attack in Cyberpunk 2077. The attack can be initiated on the player, or by the player on enemies. Players will most likely be acquainted with this term due to them coming under the Overheat attack during combat.

what does overheat mean in cyberpunk 2077? Overheat happens when an enemy netrunner or a camera targets you and tries to hack you.

Basically, when Overheat appears on your screen it means that an enemy is trying to hack you. If successful, the attack will cause you to catch on fire for a short time, lowering the amount of health that you have. While you can simply let the enemy finish the attack and heal the damage away, you can also stop the attack completely.

How to stop Overheat

To stop Overheat, players are going to want to focus their attacks on any cameras in the area, or any enemy netrunners in the immediate vicinity of their current position. You can pick up the passive skill I Spy under the Quickhacking subcategory in the Intelligence attributes to reveal enemy netrunners when they are attempting to hack you. This comes in very handy during later missions where netrunners are far more common.

How to stop overheat - cyberpunk 2077 The I Spy skill will help you pick up on any netrunners or cameras trying to hack you.

If you manage to kill the enemy that is attacking you—or the camera that is angled on you—then you’ll cancel out the hack. All you really need to do is be vigilante and keep an eye out for enemies looking to break through your defenses.

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